Whirlpool My Appliance App

My Appliance Mobile App Design Concepts


Whirlpool is a leader in the $100 billion global home appliance industry. Their appliances are marketed in nearly every country around the world. They manufacture appliances across all major categories, including laundry, cooking, refrigeration, dishwashers and, countertop appliances. They market some of the world's most recognized appliance brands. This project included overhauling the user experience and aesthetics of their new app to be more task driven, which appeals to a rich and seamless experience that the user can relate to in real life.


UX Designer
Graphic Designer
UX Researcher
UX Designer


Adobe XD


2.5 weeks


Users fail to complete
key tasks within the app

Whirlpool's research showed that users found their previous app confusing and not easy to use. Simple tasks such as starting the smart laundry machine from the app were ending up with relatively low successful completion rates due to usability issues throughout the task flow.


Keep it simple, stupid

  • Mimics the controls of an actual laundry machine
  • Utilizes users' instincts and past knowledge as a starting point
  • Helps users can take action without having to hesitate


By leveraging the existing research at Whirlpool, one of the primary target groups we have discovered was a segment of busy professionals who would like to offload some of their household chores to spent their time on other matters that are important to them.

“I don't have time to spend on house chores”


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Persona Background

  • Name: Kelly
  • Age: 25 yrs
  • Profession: Event Planner
  • Kelly is a single and an aggressive Event Planner. She is a fitness freak and likes to hit the gym every day.